Learn to Fly

Flight Instruction Programs

NOTICE: Prices last updated Dec 2018. Prices include all typical costs such as joining the flying club, aircraft rental, fuel, instructor, books, equipment, insurance, and exams.

First Lesson

Try maneuvering an airplane with an instructor at the secondary controls.

$150 – 60 Min Flight

Student Pilot

See if you like flying. This is the first level to a permanent certificate. A 90 day permit to fly without passengers. Unlimited extensions are allowed. No medical is required with the instructor.

$3,689 – 3 Days – 15 Flight Hours

Private Pilot

Permanent license to fly with passengers to any destination day or night.

$10,449 – 10 days – 45 Flight Hours

Complex Airplane Endorsement

$1,195 – 1 day – 5 Flight Hours

Instrument Airplane Rating

$9,313 – 8 days – 42 Flight Hours

Commercial Pilot

$4,994 – 3 days – 15 Flight Hours

Flight Instructor

$8,673 – 2 weeks – 15 Flight Hours

West Michigan Flying Club Flight Instructors

Use club instructors or your own. The following instructors are already approved to give instruction in club aircraft. Get your own instructor approved with a quick check out. Instructors are not provided by the club and have their own rates and schedules.

Full Time Instructors
Jon Gonzalez (231) 736-9910 CFI
Matt Slobe (616) 540-4839 CFI

Part Time Instructors
Scott Herlein(231) 557-4218 CFI, CFII
Rich Klassen (314) 482-1146 CFI, CFII

Other Approved Instructors

Patrick Dwyer (630) 730-1060 CFI, CFII
Gregory McCabe (231) 557-0558 Master CFI Airplanes and Helicopters, CFII, MEI, AGI, Gold Seal, Former 141 Chief
Peter Redder (616) 451-2504 CFI, CFII
James Absher (616) 402-3235 CFI
Jack Brewer (231) 798-3799 CFI, CFII
Brandon Bolde (231) 578-2973 CFI, MEI

For more information, please contact a full time instructor.

Download Muskegon Practice Areas (PDF)