How to Join WMFC

Send in the application posted below per instructions with a $950 check. In a few days you will probably be accepted and become the owner of 4 airplanes. If you are not accepted you will get your check back. After flying with the club you can leave the club at any time and you will get $500 of your money back. No need to find a member to take your place. Join for a day, a month, or 50 years. The cost of joining includes being covered by the clubs insurance policy.

You will then pay $59 per month to maintain your membership dues. There is no minimum length of membership. This takes care of monthly expenses such as utilities, rent, and insurance.

Everyone helps with whatever they can do to keep the place clean, maintain planes, and any other things to keep the club cost down.

In 2017, the average usage was 22 hours per airplane per month, making them very available. Take one for a week trip.


Membership Application Revised 9-23-2018 Get approved in a few days if needed.